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Unconditional love and durable luggage

for youth aging out of foster care.

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By providing brand-new duffle bags, independent living essentials, and unconditional love, we help young adults transition out of foster care with dignity.

In Ohio, when children turn 18 or graduate from high school, most become legally responsible for themselves. That process—known as emancipation—represents a symbolic step toward independence for many children. However, for those in the custody of Lucas County Children Services, it compels an immediate transition to self-sufficiency.

Love and Luggage connects young adults emancipated from LCCS custody with resources and support, enhancing their odds of overall success.

The need.

Too many times, young people aging out of foster care have nowhere to go. Just out of high school or barely 18, they depart with the few personal belongings they can carry. By age 24, half of them will have experienced homelessness.


What we do.

Love and Luggage provides students transitioning from foster care with a brand-new, large duffle bag on wheels for carrying their possessions. We also supply items necessary for independent living and host regular community support dinners where young people connect with peers and learn valuable life skills.


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