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Lucas County Children Services averaged 922 children in agency custody in 2023. More than half reside in foster or kinship care, while others live in other placements, such as group homes. At age 18, those young people age out of the protective reaches of foster care and emancipate into young adulthood on their own.

Love and Luggage serves young adults (ages 18-25) each year. Once these young people graduate high school, most reside independently in apartments. However, a number end up homeless or couch surfing with friends. Some pursue college or post-secondary education and reside in dorms. With the high percentage of these individuals who move frequently, many have a mental health diagnosis and are unable to find or maintain work. Consequently, there is a need for community support.

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Unconditional love and durable luggage.

Students transitioning from Lucas County Children Services care receive a large, new duffle bag on wheels upon high school graduation. They can also acquire brand-new independent living items collected by Love and Luggage to help establish their new living arrangements.

Without family cohesion, our young people often find themselves drifting back into the family situations from which they came. For that reason, Love and Luggage hosts community support dinners every six to eight weeks, where they can shop in our independent living pantry, interact with others walking a similar journey, learn valuable life skills, and receive gift cards to bridge their low-income earnings. Most attendees find the meetings encouraging, supportive, and safe.

The First Presbyterian Church of Maumee houses and supports Love and Luggage, our independent pantry, and provides meeting space—all an in-kind donation. Our many other community partners help gather pantry items, provide meals, and support us through donations. Funds raised through grants, individual supporters, and area organizations help support the graduation events, difficult-to-obtain pantry items, and gift cards for participants.

Donated funds help support back-end costs for Adopt America Network as well as other business expenses. Sarah and Jim take no salary or income. Love and Luggage is critical for this very isolated and marginalized group.

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