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Frequently asked questions.


When Jim and Sarah Otis adopted Amanda, she arrived at their home carrying her entire lifetime’s possessions in two trash bags. They considered it demeaning to Amanda and knew there must be a better way. By providing brand-new duffle bags, we help young adults transition out of foster care with dignity.

What is the LOVE?

We host community support dinners every six to eight weeks for the individuals we serve. The encouraging and safe meetings connect young adults emancipated from LCCS custody with resources and support, thereby enhancing their odds of overall success.

What do you mean by EMANCIPATION?

In Ohio, when children turn 18 or graduate from high school, most become legally responsible for themselves. That process—known as emancipation—signifies aging out of the foster care system.

What age group do you serve?

We serve individuals aged 18-25.

How many individuals do you serve?

We currently serve up to 30 young adults annually.

Is Love and Luggage a 501(c)(3)?

Rather than creating another nonprofit in Northwest Ohio, we partnered with an existing local nonprofit that worked with foster youth. Love and Luggage is a program of the Adopt America Network, our organization’s fiscal agent.

Does Love and Luggage accept financial donations?

Those who want to support us financially may donate to Adopt America Network and designate their gift for Love and Luggage.

Do you accept nonfinancial donations?

We accept donations of brand-new independent living items to help individuals establish their new living arrangements. You can shop our Amazon wish list here.

How can my organization help?

Your business, nonprofit, church, or civic group can become a Love and Luggage Partner Organization. Contact us for details.

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